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Montessory Centenary Exhibition in Toronto









Montessori Centenary Declaration

  In 2007 the world Montessori community celebrates the 100th anniversary of a revolution in education.

100 years ago Dr Maria Montessori began to explore the true nature of childhood through extensive scientific observation. We proudly recognize a century of great work, inspired by these discoveries:

  • the purpose of education is to nurture the energies of childhood ?intellectual, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual ?so that every member of the human race can make a constructive contribution to the world.

  • all children deserve the best possible conditions at every stage of their development.

  • all children, in the best educational conditions develop creative and flexible minds easily adapted to the complexities of human society.

  • all children, in the best educational conditions demonstrate innate discipline, joyful and focused work and empathy with others. They are tireless and selfless in their work.

  • all children possess inner directives to guide their own development.

  • all children fully developed become individuals committed to human solidarity, social progress and peace.

We declare our commitment now and in the future:

  • to participate in a universal social movement that places children at the centre of society, recognizing them as citizens of the world.

  • to promote knowledge and understanding of the conditions necessary for the full development of the human being from conception to maturity both at home and in society.

  • to create a climate of opinion and opportunities for the full development of the potential of all young people so that humanity may work in harmony for a higher and more peaceful civilization.

  • to reform education as a reciprocal, lifelong process in which every member of the human race is profoundly engaged.


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