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Montessory Centenary Exhibition in Toronto
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At Humberside Montessori School, we offer Montessori programs at three levels:

Casa dei Bambini (Childrenȯuse): ages 2 1/2-6

Lower Elementary: ages 6-9

Upper Elementary: ages 9-12

Adolescent Program: ages 12-14

The school community is composed of four Casa dei Bambini environments, three Lower Elementary and one Upper Elementary classrooms. All children enjoy spending their after-school time in a large, specially prepared room. During regular school hours, children have the use of a large gymnasium, backyard garden and uniquely designed playground.

We are also planning to open a special Montessori Resource Centre available to all parents in the community. We also have an area for parent workshops and lectures.

This unique facility not only provides the wholesome environment for children to grow in knowledge and delight, but also creates the optimum working environment for faculty members, while its location and function fully respond to the needs of the family.


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