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Eco-Friendly Parking Alternatives for Parents


We have been experiencing heavy traffic during the following peak hours:
8:00am - 9:00am          11:00am - 12:00noon          3:00pm-6:00pm
We would like you to consider the following options to help us eliminate the congestion both in the school parking lot and on the street:
1. BUS, BIKE OR WALK TO SCHOOL if possible. (Please store your bicycle outside, locked if needed.)
2. WALK PART OF THE WAY TO SCHOOL.  Park your car outside of the immediate school area, i.e. public parking, street parking - just south of the school on Kennedy Ave.; a designated legal 1 hour free parking.  (Walking with your child for a few minutes to and from the car is a good way to reconnect and talk about his/her school day, discover the neighbourhood et.)
3. QUICK DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP - Please do not park your car or leave it unattended in the school bus zone.  If you intend a quick drop-off or pick-up within the bus zone, we will assist you.  We are working on the creation of a a KISS & RIDE area within the school zone.
4. THE LAST RESORT, park in the school parking lot.  Please park for 10 munites or less at the parking lot is needed for student activities.
LET'S TRY IT!  please consider these options every day and make a smart choice to solve some of the daily parking problems.

Thank you in advance.


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