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Montessory Centenary Exhibition in Toronto
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As a means of meeting the needs of families, during the summer months when the school is closed, Humberside Montessori School organizes an annual summer camp for children attending the school.

The registration for the Summer Camp begins in May. Every year we plan a wide range of exciting summer experience activities. Our camp is a LIVING LIFE CAMP. Children are usually involved in gardening, cooking, a swimming program, arts and crafts, and field trips.

Gardening: Children will look after the indoor and outdoor flowers and plants; watering, weeding, planting seeds, repotting and everyday maintenance.

Cooking: Children will be involved in baking, snacks preparation, menu preparation, market shopping, etc. For example, kneading dough is a pleasing tactile experience for everyone and measuring ingredients can be successfully accomplished by a child of any age.

Swimming program: A range of water activities on a swimming pool at a local high school or community centre, at a wading pools in the local parks, and in the schoolą§²ounds is offered to all children.

Arts and crafts: Painting, clay sculptures, group games and library visits.

Field trips: Once a week.


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