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Parents Association
The Humberside Montessori School Parentsí Association (PA) is an inclusive forum by which parents and guardians may engage themselves in the welfare and development of their children while enrolled in Humberside Montessori School.

The PA was organized to bring parents closer to each other and to create a venue for parents to embellish and enrich the life in the school. The parents are involved in planning and implementing a number of educational, social and fundraising events.

While supporting the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, the PA shall further the interest of the enrolled children by inspiring, encouraging and supporting the involvement of parents and guardians in an open and collaborative exchange of ideas and issues, and any implementation thereof, with the schoolís teachers, staff and administration.

The PA shall also be a channel by which the school may reach parents and guardians to inform, educate and in other ways engage them for the benefit of the children and the school at large.

There are so many wonderful aspects to this school and the PA is one of them. Our PA provides the venue to strengthen the sense of community. This is achieved through open collaboration between the parents and the staff. Our goal is to facilitate this through the activities and events held throughout the school year. Parents will be attending and providing feedback at meetings that contribute to the benefit of the school as a whole. Our active involvement in the Parentsí Association is critical to the enhancement and betterment of the environment for our children.

Some of the social events are: Fall Family Weekend Outing, Parents Social and Silent Auction, Spring Family Weekend Outing, and the always popular Kids Caravan. The educational workshops and conferences are well attended and provide great opportunities for parents to learn more about Montessori and to get to know each other better. The fundraising events contribute to many different causes, for example: enrichment of the library, field trips, purchase of the playground and gymnastic equipment, tuition support for needy families, some community projects, the yearbook, the Humberside Montessori Family Cookbook, the Humberside Montessori Fund, and others.

The PA meets regularly and provides a forum for parents and the school administration to discuss common issues resulting in continued enrichment of the school.

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